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Configure Rotating Residential Proxies


The documentation below describes how to use ScrapingAnt service.

ScrapingAnt services are compatible with many software platforms and tools, from operating systems to browser add-ons. Explore our step-by-step integration guides and learn how to set up your proxies.

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ScrapingAnt supports:

  • HTTPS proxy protocol HTTP proxy with CONNECT method)
  • HTTP proxy protocol

Service is accessed using the following entry data:

  • Host:
  • Ports: 8080 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS
  • Authorization: Basic
  • Username/Password: Check your account settings

You can test it via any application that has HTTP(s) proxy feature (Chrome, SwitchyOmega, Profixier, Foxy Proxy, Proxy Switcher, Bright Data etc.) or simply a terminal command:

curl --proxytunnel --proxy "" --proxy-user "USERNAME:PASSWORD"


This section describes IP targeting and controlling via parameters in Username.


To target IP of a specific country, specify the 2-letter country code (US, GB, FR, IN, AU etc.):

curl --proxytunnel --proxy "" --proxy-user "customer-USERNAME-country-us:PASSWORD"


A sticky session will issue a different IP for each unique session ID and will return the same IP in case the same ID is used. The maximum session time is up to 10 minutes.

curl --proxytunnel --proxy "" --proxy-user "customer-USERNAME-country-us-sessionid-123456789:PASSWORD"


To target IP of a specific state:

curl --proxytunnel --proxy "" --proxy-user "customer-USERNAME-state-us_california:PASSWORD"

Note: The state parameter will have priority against Country, so if used together those headers will be ignored.


To target IP of a specific city:

curl --proxytunnel --proxy "" --proxy-user "customer-USERNAME-city-us_los_angeles:PASSWORD"

Note: The city header will have priority against State and Country, so if used together those headers will be ignored.