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ScrapingAnt Proxy Provider Documentation


ScrapingAnt is a robust platform offering a variety of solutions tailored for web scraping needs. Among its services, ScrapingAnt provides a range of proxy solutions designed to enhance and streamline web scraping activities. By leveraging ScrapingAnt's proxy services, users can ensure anonymity, bypass geo-restrictions, and prevent IP blocking, making web scraping more efficient and reliable.

Available Proxy Solutions

Residential Proxies

ScrapingAnt currently offers residential proxies, which are highly effective for a multitude of web scraping tasks. Residential proxies are IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to homeowners. These proxies are considered highly reliable and legitimate, reducing the risk of getting blocked or detected while scraping websites. Here are the key features and benefits of ScrapingAnt's residential proxies:

  • High Anonymity: Residential proxies provide a high level of anonymity since they appear as regular residential users to target websites.

  • Geo-Targeting: These proxies allow you to select IPs from specific locations, enabling access to geo-restricted content.

  • IP Rotation: ScrapingAnt offers automatic IP rotation, ensuring that your scraping activities remain undetected by frequently changing IP addresses.

  • Scalability: Residential proxies from ScrapingAnt are scalable, allowing you to handle large-scale scraping projects with ease.

  • Reliability: With a vast pool of residential IPs, ScrapingAnt ensures a high success rate and minimal downtime for your scraping tasks.

  • To start using ScrapingAnt's residential proxies, you can refer to the detailed API documentation and integration guides available on the ScrapingAnt platform. These resources will help you seamlessly incorporate proxy services into your web scraping workflows, enhancing both efficiency and success rates.

By choosing ScrapingAnt's proxy solutions, you are equipped with the tools needed to tackle even the most challenging web scraping projects, all while maintaining privacy and performance.